Why oil care

80% of all hydraulic problems are due to contamination!
Regularly check the condition of the hydraulic and lubricating oil systems by carrying out significant oil analyses. Because by means of current analysis values and recognition of changes (trend), unexpected malfunctions and failures are prevented and costs are saved through targeted maintenance measures.
Sensitive components (valves, pumps, etc.) are used in high-performance machines, which place high demands on oil quality and purity. Even the filling of new oil (fresh oil) leads to a contamination which can exceed the limit values of critical components. Because ... New does not mean particle-free!

Solid contamination from...

  • External particulate contamination
  • Components (wear and tear)
  • Due to the base oil and additive degradation (oil aging)

Liquid contamination from...

  • Contamination from outside
  • Humidity (Condensate)
  • Mixing of oils or other liquids


Gaseous contamination from...

  • Air exchange due to temperature fluctuations
  • Air exchange due to oil level fluctuations
  • Air through leaking suction lines

Thermal effects from...

  • Operating temperature
  • Punctual temperature peaks on components (hotspot)
  • Temperature fluctuations (highest and lowest values)


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