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Contamination in hydraulic and lubricating oil systems, machine tools and other fluid systems leads to wear, reduction of service life or even failure of components and systems. With our "all-round oil care" offer you avoid downtimes and save costs.
Depending on the results of analyses, specific maintenance measures may be required to ensure operational reliability. Often, sustainable solutions can be found at short notice by using mobile filter units and vacuum drainage systems. It is crucial to obtain the suitable material quickly.
Through our rental equipment and the all-round oil maintenance contract (RÖK) you receive a comprehensive infrastructure which includes filter consumables, special equipment and service technicians at a fixed price for a scope defined for you.

The oil analysis begins with the extraction

The best and most modern laboratory technology also analyses only the contents of the sample vessel of the sample taken. In order to ensure that the oil analysis is representative, the sampling must be carried out according to a defined procedure. We help you to define the extraction points for routine tests for each oil system. On request, we can also take samples for you at a fixed interval.


The range of analyses


The Cleanliness-status is analysed locally within approx 1 day. If necessary, measures using mobile filter units and vacuum drainage systems are recommended and offered.

The oil condition is analysed by a neutral, certified, accredited and specialised laboratory for used oils within 3-4 days.


The analysis management

The CM-Database is a user-friendly information platform on the Internet, where the user has access to a well-organized filing system with just a few entries, all analyses and information on each of his oil systems. The complex subject matter becomes easy to understand and details are immediately available at the click of a mouse if required. Access to the Cleanliness Management Database is granted to authorized persons via a personal login. The analyses are displayed in a clearly arranged list with colour codes and tool tips according to the date of sampling, related to an aggregate or date. A mouse click opens detailed reports and any additional reports as well as the oil data sheet for the corresponding unit.


Rental filter units 

An oil change is not mandatory
The oil is often still in good condition or even as good as new, but contaminated. Off-line system cleaning is efficient and is performed during operation. Thanks to system circulation, not only the tank volume but the entire oil system is cleaned during off-line cleaning. In addition, at a sustained operating temperature, significant advantages are exploited with regard to the solid-dissolving effect and filtration advantages due to the lower viscosity. With off-line filtration, filter changes can be carried out independently of system operation. We offer a complete cleaning service and use different filter units depending on the type of contamination and oil volume.





Regular routine checks provide you with valuable information on the current condition of hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. You can recognise the trend and receive information about the continuous change, just like a parking sensor in a vehicle. This allows you to plan your maintenance recourses in a targeted manner and deploy them where they are needed most. In order to ensure that individual requirements are handled in a simple and calculable way, we offer the all-round oil care contract ''RÖK''. Services, filter equipment and filter consumables are offered individually according to customer requirements at a fixed price per month, quarter or half-year. Through our oil maintenance specialists you will regularly receive a neutral assessment of your oil systems according to a fixed service plan.


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