Series SMI - In-line

Vacuum moulded Borosilicate glass microfibre filter cartridges
Standard housing Nylon (clear), optional: Polypropylene
Surface filtration for removal
Single moulded construction for use in gas and liquid applications
Manufactured in 5 efficiency grades
0.3 to 25 micron filtration efficiency
On enquiry: specific requirement
Applications: gas and liquid analysis, emissions monitoring and analysis, sample analysis, gas and chemical filtration, instrumentation filtration, laboratory point of use protection and critical instrumentation protection
Filter housing Nylon (clear)Polypropylene
Maximum pressure 9 barg (130 psig)atmospheric
Pressure loss (clean and dry) 100 mbar (1,5 psi)
Pressure loss replacement indicator Δp 400 mbar (6 psi)
Temperature range -40°C - 60°C0°C - 65°C
Internal volume 11cm³

Efficiency, air and gas at 0,3 micron 99,9998%99,9998%99,99%99,5%95%
Air flow rate in Nm³/h 0,91,32,64,35,0
Air flow rate in SCFM 0,50,751,52,52,9
Efficiency, liquid 98% at 0,3 µm0,9 µm2 µm8 µm25 µm
Water flow rate l/h at 100 mbar pressure drop 614285565

    SF item
  • SF item SMI 502A
    TypeCompressed air filter
    NoteA = 99,9998% / 0,3 µm
  • SF item SMI 502B
    TypeCompressed air filter
    NoteB = 99,9998% / 0,9 µm
  • SF item SMI 502C
    TypeCompressed air filter
    NoteC = 99,99% / 2 µm
  • SF item SMI 502D
    TypeCompressed air filter
    NoteD = 99,5% / 8 µm
  • SF item SMI 502E
    TypeCompressed air filter
    NoteE = 95% / 25 µm

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