EDM Filter with perforated metal outer lining

SF EDM filter cartridges to clean the dielectric fluid of work-piece and electrode abrasion
Filter medium: cellulose
Style A: metal end plates with gaskets, without montage clamp
Style B: metal end plates with gaskets and one montage clamp
Style A without clamp and Style B with clamp
SF-part number StyleFineness
Height HDimensions (mm)Ø AØ B + C
SE 2-3003-15PHB1526.70035815032
SE 2-3003-35PHB3526.70035815032
SE 2-3005-6B10
SE 2-3006-6A493.60050230229
SE 2-3006-6SKA598.20050830030
SE 2-3008-6B528.64034026036
SE 2-3015-35PHA3522.40048213732
SE 2-3015-6A522.40048213738
SE 2-3016-6A496.00044134446
SE 2-3017-6A750.20030334445
SE 2-3018-24B2511.88025014032
SE 2-3024-4B238.80036215032
SE 2-3024-7B722.55037015032
SE 2-3026-15A10113.36030034076

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