EDM Filter

SF EDM filter cartridges to clean the dielectric fluid of work-piece and electrode abrasion
Filter medium: cellulose
Style A: plastic end plates with gaskets and recessed grips
Style B: metal end plates with gaskets and one montage clamp
Style A                                        Style B
SF-part numberStyleFineness
Height H Dimensions (mm) Ø AØ B + C
SE 1-3002-6B515.00026215031
SE 1-3002-40B4019.00026215031
SE 1-3003-6-KA438.80037314531
SE 1-3003-6-K40A534.00037514431
SE 1-3003-10B1024.57036315031
SE 1-3003-10-KA530.98037514432
SE 1-3003-15B1521.50035915032
SE 1-3003-20B2021.50035915032
SE 1-3003-25-KA2530.98037514432
SE 1-3003-40B4021.50035915032
SE 1-3010-6B1055.40029026050
SE 1-3030-10-KA531.52541514731
SE 1-3013-6B523.20045715089
SE 2-3022-50/MB40 (wire mesh)17.55036515032

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