Fuel dispenser filter - cartridges

For filtration of contamination in fuels
Application: gasoline and diesel
Application range: gasoline and diesel fuel dispenser
10 micron, 25 micron and 40 micron: paper media,
150 micron: wire mesh

SF-part no. Fuel MediaFineness (µm) Height (mm) O.D. (mm) I.D. (mm)
SK 3784gasolinepaper105710036
SK 48752gasolinepaper30698932/0
SK 3167gasolinepaper5-7698932/0
SK 48767gasolinepaper257310232/0
SK 3782gasolinepaper109010036
SK 3501gasolinepaper109010050
SK 3789gasolinepaper401006025
SK 3783dieselpaper255710036
SK 48768bio dieselpaper-7310232/0
SK 48581dieselpaper709010050
SK 3780dieselpaper259010036
SK 3781dieselpaper409010036
SK 3787dieselpaper259010050
SK 3788dieselpaper409010050
SK 3790dieselpaper401006025
SK 3793dieselpaper2515010045
SK 3791 -wire mesh1509010036
SK 3792 -wire mesh1509010050


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