By-pass filters



  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Higher operational reliability
  • Reduced abrasion
  • Reduction of the water content in the oil

By using a bypass filter, particles up to one micrometer and water are filtered out of the system during operation. The chemical aging process of the oil is slowed down, which increases the lifetime of the oil and noticeably extends the replacement intervals. The filters are suitable for filtration of all hydraulic-, gear-, engine-, processing- and other oils, as well as diesel fuel.

Technical data

SF-part numberSNF-300SNF-500
RemarkFilter housing with mounting bracket, fixed pressure compensator with 4 bar inlet pressure control and 2l/min flow control
- pressure indicator
- inlet pressure 5 to 300 bar
- Return pressureless
Recommended system volume up to (l)300500
Working pressure (bar)6-3156-315
Height (mm)309306
Weight (kg)4.26.0
Diameter mounting dimension (mm)200240
Input connection (Zoll)3/83/8
Output connection (Zoll)1/41/4
Max. Working temperature (°C)8080
ElementHY 80134HY 80135
Fineness (µm)11
Dirt holding capacity (g)10002000
Water absorption up to (ml)300750


All specifications refer to our standard product range. Due to constant technical developments, this information may change at any time without notice.

    Produkt SF
  • Produkt SF SNF-300
    TypFiltr bocznikowy
  • Produkt SF SNF-500
    TypFiltr bocznikowy
  • Produkt SF HY 80134
    TypFiltr hydrauliczny
  • Produkt SF HY 80135
    TypFiltr hydrauliczny

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