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High-flow elements



  • Replacement of filter bags into the existing housing
  • Higher filter surface
  • Extended service life and dirt holding capacity
  • Higher filtration efficiency (99%)
  • Lower differential pressure
  • Contains no binding agent or adhesive

The High-Flow filter elements have a considerably larger filter area, which increases the service life and dirt holding capacity many times over. Furthermore, these elements offer a better filtration performance and a lower differential pressure. Depending on the application, the filter elements are available in different media. The filter elements can usually be inserted into the existing housing without any conversions, instead of the conventional filter bags.



Technical data
Filter media
Polypropylene, Polyester, Glass fiber
Polypropylene, Polyester
Polypropylene, Polyester
Filter fineness 
1 - 150 µm
Working temperature
max. 60 - 90 °C


Ordering code






BHPP = Polypropylene (pleated)1; 3; 5; 10; 20L01X = ohne Dichtung
 HMB = Polypropylene (MB)30; 70; 100; 150L02E = EPDM
 HML = Polypropylene (Multilayer)  S = Silikon
 HCP = PP/PE (bi-component fiber)  V = Viton
 HPO = Polyester   
 HGF = Glass fiber

Example: B-HPP 10L02-E

All specifications refer to our standard product range. Due to constant technical developments, this information may change at any time without notice.
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Element B-HPP|Polypropylene (pleated) B-HMB|Polypropylene (Melt Blown) B-HML|Polypropylene (Multilayer) B-HCP|Polypropylene/Polyethylene (bi-component fiber) B-HPO|Polyester B-HGF|Glass fiber
Fineness (µm) 1|1 µm 3|3 µm 5|5 µm 10|10 µm 20|20 µm 30|30 µm 70|70 µm 100|100 µm 150|150 µm
Filter size L01|Size 1 L02|Size 2
Gasket -X|without gasket -E|EPDM -S|Silicone -V|Viton

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